Wouldn’t it be cool if there were someone who could help you figure out whether what you really want is a new job, a new industry, to go back to school, or just take a vacation?

I’ve been there. I graduated just as the economy was crashing and no one felt they had the space or time to actually figure out what they wanted to do. I (eventually) got a “good” job but quickly felt like I was stalling out. I spent my twenties trying a million different ways to get unstuck—taking loads of different classes (on everything from wine to creative writing to embroidery to business), attending random conferences, talking to dozens of mentors, collecting resources, and doing a lot of introspection.

Eventually I realized that being good at something isn’t the same thing as liking doing it, and when your job consists of a bunch of things you’re good at but don’t like to do, it’s time to move on.

My superpower is helping people realize what they care about and what they are good at. I get past the stock answers people reply with and right to the heart of things quickly. I love helping people reconcile two seemingly-unrelated passions and see their connections. People often compliment me on how quickly I can connect them with resources.

Most of my clients are high-achieving, ambitious young professionals who are feeling stuck. They see a world of possible next steps, but aren’t sure how to move forward. They’re worried they are just drifting along or are just going through the motions. They feel guilty about feeling unfulfilled when on paper they have a “good” job. They have a kernel of an idea that there’s a better way, but the methods that put them at the top in college (researching endlessly, following the syllabus, picking the right answer) don’t work in the real world. When there is no right answer, how do you ever get confident you’re on the right track?

I can help you through a step-by-step process to get clarity, explore options, and pursue the right next step for you. Learn more or schedule a free call to get started—you don’t have to figure it out alone.

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fun facts about me:


  • MS, Ed. Higher Education Administration, University of Pennsylvania

  • AB, History, University of Chicago

  • Certificate, Creative Writing, University of Chicago Graham School

  • Certificate, Executive Program for Emerging Leaders, University of Chicago Booth School of Business