Individual Coaching

Short term and extended coaching for college students and young professionals.

We can meet for a few weeks over short period to focus on a particular problem, or periodically (once a month/biweekly/weekly) for ongoing support and check-ins

Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching can help:

  • Increase retention/reduce dropouts

  • Keep students on track to complete college on-time

  • Enhance satisfaction/increase engagement in college

  • Solidify post-college plans

  • Increase accountability


We can help with:

College Life

  • Transitioning to the college environment

  • Thriving at elite/competitive institutions

  • Choosing a major

  • Study abroad

  • On-time college completion

  • Summer experience planning (internships, funded programs)

  • Fellowships/gap years/scholarships (post-college)

  • College study skills/procrastination/time management

  • College unhappiness/problems adjusting

Career Coaching

  • Career discernment

  • Life design

  • Leadership coaching

  • Switching careers