Targeted Support at Every Stage


Emerging Professionals

Support to help you navigate the early stages of your career, including:

  • Feeling unfulfilled or “stuck”

  • Figuring out your next step/finding a job

  • Uncovering your purpose, passions, and goals

  • Career discernment and life design

  • Ongoing mentorship/support-on-call

Recent Graduates

Targeted support for recent graduates navigating:

  • Finding a job

  • Evaluating multiple opportunities

  • Uncovering goals, passions, and priorities

  • Transitioning to post-college life successfully

College Students

Personalized coaching to help college students:

  • Thrive at elite/competitive institutions

  • Transition to college

  • Choose a major

  • Cope with college unhappiness/problems adjusting

  • Develop study abroad plans

  • Complete college on-time

  • Identify and apply for summer experiences (internships, funded programs, etc.)

  • Identify and apply for post-college fellowships/gap years/scholarships

  • Develop college study/time management skills and combat procrastination

  • Transition to post-college life successfully