Consulting and Curriculum Development


Research, recommendations, reports, and curriculum development for higher education clients on establishing programs, research centers, and policies for students, faculty, and staff.

Curriculum Development

Collaborating with thought leaders in leadership and career planning to package and share content with individuals and institutions.


Areas of Expertise

Institutional Clients

  • Program Development

    • Pre-orientation programs

    • Cohort-based college programming

    • Volunteering and civic engagement program development

    • Alternative breaks/immersion programs

    • Student organization management/advising/policy development

Individual Clients

  • College Life

    • Transitioning to the college environment

    • Thriving at elite/competitive institutions

    • Choosing a major

    • Study abroad

    • On-time college completion

    • Summer experience planning (internships, funded programs)

    • Fellowships/gap years/scholarships (post-college)

    • College study skills/procrastination/time management

  • Career Counseling

    • Career discernment

    • Leadership coaching

    • Switching careers



  • Liberating structures/effective facilitation

  • Retreats

  • Immersion/experiential programs

  • Innovative instructional design

Civic Engagement and Leadership

  • Civic Engagement

  • Leadership training

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Asset-based community development

  • Facilitating reflection on service/experiential learning

  • Issue-specific trainings