The Process


I teach smart, ambitious young professionals how to uncover and leverage their values, passions, and priorities to create a life they don’t need a vacation from.

Step 1: Initial Call

Schedule an initial call and we’ll meet via Zoom for a (free!) 20-30 minute conversation, during which we’ll get to know one another and discuss:

  • What you’re working through

  • How the program works

  • Your goals and preferences (such as how frequently you’d like to talk, how fast you want to move, and whether there’s anything else I should know in order to help you better.)

  • Whether I’m a good fit for your goals/needs


Step 2: Your Personalized Plan

You’ll receive an action plan detailing how we can work together to meet your goals and get you unstuck.

For most clients, we’ll start with a targeted kickstart phase before moving to ongoing support and periodic check-ins.

We can adjust the plan as necessary, and when you’re ready, we’ll move right into the Kickstart phase.


Step 3: Intensive Kickstart

This phase jumpstarts your progress with focused weekly or biweekly sessions for a concentrated period of time (usually 8-12 weeks) to tackle the most urgent challenges first.

We’ll meet via video conference for targeted 60-75 minute sessions, which you’ll schedule at your own convenience via the online calendar—so no worries if your schedule is all over the place or you’re going on vacation. You pick the time that works for you.

I’ll give you specific exercises for you to work on in between sessions, but don’t worry—the vibe is much more “mentor/friend sharing absurdly helpful ideas and resources” and not so much “teacher giving homework.”


Step 4: Ongoing Support

After smashing your goals in our intensive kickstart, we’ll move to ongoing support. This usually looks like a video call once or twice a month to check in, talk through how things are going, troubleshoot any smaller issues—and most importantly, give you the opportunity to brag about how well things are going!



I create a customized plan for each client based on the timeline and priorities we discuss during our initial call.

We typically meet via Zoom or Facetime weekly for the 8-12 week kickstart phase before transitioning to biweekly or monthly calls to provide ongoing support and reflection. You schedule the time that works best for your schedule, generally once every week to ten days.

Pricing for the intensive kickstart phase is generally between $695 and $987 for the 8-12 sessions and includes:

  • Targeted, customized sessions focusing on your goals and preferences

  • Unlimited email/text support between sessions

  • Customized prep activities (“homework”)

  • Welcome kit mailed to your door.

Ongoing support is $77-$225 monthly, depending on frequency.

Installment payment plans and discounts for recent graduates, those working in nonprofits, and those not currently employed are available.